For the perfect and lasting complexion, Dovecote provides a broad range of bespoke treatments that meet the requirements of your unique facial needs:

[ comfort zone ] Discovery Facial Menu - 25 mins - £35

1. SUBLIME LIFT                                                                                                 

Powerful lifting facial targeting sagging cheeks, jowls, chin and neck benefiting from the combination of lactic acid with AHA and Vitamin C. for a visible rejuvenating effect. The result is a beautifully nourished, illuminated, firmer and lifted skin.



This revolutionary facial treatment gives immediate and visible results beyond those of a traditional facial.  The efficacy of super food and high-tech ingredients, including Alpha-Hydroxy Acids is maximised by specific roullage massage techniques that offer a complete ‘gym for the skin’. Skin is renewed, restored, toned and lifted.  Expression lines and wrinkles are softened and the skin is left with a fresh, more youthful and healthier dewy appearance.                                                                                                                                                                                     


3. RECOVER TOUCH – Anti Oxidant Vitamin Boost

The powerful anti-oxidant and vitamin enriched facial treatment that features the super-food goji berry. Both will sooth and nourish the skin and offer the perfect seasonal repair.


4. HYDRAMEMORY – Deeply Hydrating

A deeply hydrating face, neck and décolletage treatment to replenish the skins moisture levels


5. SKIN RESONANCE – Soothing Sensitivity

A soothing and rebalancing treatment to protect the most delicate of skin. Ideal for those prone to redness, rosacea and fragile capillaries. Skin will glisten with renewed vitality.


6. ACTIVE PURENESS – Purify and Rebalancing

An intensive, yet delicate treatment for cleansing and rebalancing the skin. Recommended for oily skin, in order to regenerate and rebalance sebum and hydration levels. The result is luminous, uniform skin.